Fake is not part of our Faith

Many Christians are drawn to signs, wonders, and miracles. Indeed, over the ages, faith and belief has resulted in countless healings and miracles. Promoters and fans of the spectacular are then often puzzled and displeased when the church is wary and cautious about these unusual events.
This caution in the church is because of reports of gold dust falling from church ceilings, mysterious scents filling auditoriums, light discs whizzing around the platform, and concealed microphones prompting false prophesies.
Christians worship a God who never changes; and they accept a Saviour who is the same forever. Their sacred book is the Word of their Lord, which is established forever in heaven. These are eternal truths. They outlast every quest for some grand next attraction, something new and impressive, and the demand for continuous change in the church.
The required and ultimate change is for every follower to resemble Jesus – the model for our character and lives. In pursuit of this, Christians must live by faith; believe without seeing, and rely on the Lord not only to increase their faith, but also to perform His Word and answer their prayers.
Supernatural manifestations and experiences fascinate most people. They stir curiosity and grip the interest. Besides attracting the attention, they present new experiences and offer an escape from the ordinary and from boredom.
Certain signs and wonders might not be of God. Jesus himself warned of this dire possibility. Satan can counterfeit spiritual gifts and mislead believers to think that the lying wonders and signs are from God. The scheme is to have Christians follow deceiving spirits, and slowly draw away from the faith, and from God.
To be blasé about the costs or dangers of deception is not just careless, but reckless too. So shepherds who care about the spiritual welfare of their flocks, study the seven types of churches in the book of Revelations and look to God for answers. “Where does my congregation presently fit?” They ask, “What is required to safeguard this flock?”
Clearly, hirelings or preachers motivated by fame, money or other hidden agendas do not have these concerns, responsibilities, or tests.
Even if a messenger seems like an angel straight from heaven, you have a responsibility to beware of what you buy, or what you believe. Fake looks real or sounds smart, and carries all the right markings; its price is less demanding and is easier to pay. Fake is not part of our faith.
Cut the possibilities of being deceived. Allow the voice of the Holy Spirit within you, to keep the true Christ and true gospel in your heart and mind. As you pray, read the bible and worship the Lord, listen to the Holy Spirit who will show you truths of the will, and the ways of God.
May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Mike Abel
Mike is the Founding Pastor of Oasis of the Lord. You can follow Mike on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/WiseForLife?ref=hl and Twitter https://twitter.com/OasisName

This article by Mike Abel first appeared in My Christian Daily on the 28 February 2013, and is acknowledged with Thanks

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I am the Founding Pastor of Oasis of the Lord family of International churches. Spiritual wisdom and strategic intelligence are gifts God has given me. I am grateful. I speak at conferences, publish extensively, consult widely.
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